Lindstruments T-Shirts

The thinking behind Lindstruments' instruments often strays "outside of the box", and nowhere is this more apparent than in the CAD drawings themselves, where the 3D objects are shaped & crafted, before being extracted for printing. 

Donald's drawing process is by turns both improvisational and methodical, and since his work on the Lindsay System Chanter first became public, he's been sharing occasional insights into the inner workings of the Lindstruments workbench. This has taken the form of images shared on social media (the "Arcane Geometry of Pipemaking" series), talks, articles in piping journals, and some of the more mysterious "decorations" on Lindstruments' instrument parts (see in particular the bellows set, also the Qwistle).

The best of these drawings are now going to be shared via, printed in black on to white t-shirts, and in the form of plain black & white posters. 

The drawings represent, variously, virtual "tools" that have been used to construct components for experimental pipe sets, profile drawings of stocks and other instrument parts, construction lines used to position drawing components in particular physical arrangements (often re-used and rescaled according to the ratio of particular frequencies of interest in the design being prepared), and more. 

Despite these obscure origins, the resulting images are we think as pleasing, and as easy to appreciate and enjoy, as the music they help to create. We hope you enjoy viewing and wearing them!