Scottish Smallpipes

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Lindstruments' own Scottish Smallpipes - Information and Prices

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Please note - photo shows Version 2.0 Lindsay System smallpipes. Photos of Version 3.0 will be added shortly.

In order to fully support the Lindsay System Chanter, a set of four drones has been developed, and can be supplied in a range of forms. All drone sets are supplied with Pipe Dreams' "Eezedrone" reeds, and a canmore bag. The chanter and bellows are supplied separately - please enquire, or refer to the Lindsay System Chanter page on this site.

The drones are currently fully brass lined, top & bottom, providing a clear and stable tone. The tuning chamber is entirely formed from thin walled brass - it is my own belief, having played drones that use brass-only tuning chambers throughout my Smallpiping career, that this provides a very clear and resonant sound.

The stocks and drone "sticks" are formed from a carbon-plastic composite, and can be plain mounted in the same material, or fully mounted in a contrasting colour (the default colour is toffee). The material and processes used present a finish that looks surprisingly close to wood.

The full set comprises four drones - Bass A, Baritone E, Tenor A, and Alto E. The inclusion of an alto E drone, in what is essentially an "A" Scottish Smallpipes set, is intended to provide a means to better support playing within the second register of the Lindsay System Chanter.

The full set can include a split stock system for both chanter and drones.  For the chanter, the split stock will allow other chanters to be used with the set (including future Lindsay System chanters in other keys such as "D").

The traditional set comprises three drones - Bass A, Baritone E, and Tenor A. This configuration is standard to support a traditional "A" Scottish Smallpipes chanter, and is perfectly adequate for the majority of the repertoire likely to be performed on the Lindsay System Chanter.

Pegs can be provided to allow the player to plug the drones where necessary. The peg for the baritone drone in particular would be attached to that drone with a short decorative string for convenience, unless otherwise requested.

Pipes can be either mouth or bellows blown.

The light set comprises two drones - Bass A, and Tenor A. This is intended to be convenient, portable, and appealing to pipers transitioning from the Highland Pipes. It is intended to be a mouth blown set only.

All sets can be supplied as plain single-coloured, or "fully mounted" two-coloured. 

Below is a price list covering the options listed above. Prices for bellows currently begin at £150 for our standard bellows. More detail, and different finishing options, can be given on application at this stage - a page dedicated to the bellows will be posted very shortly.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your particular requirements :

Lindsay Scottish Smallpipes - 2018 Price List :

Prices for full sets of pipes are currently under review during the transition from Version 2.0 to Version 3.0.

For chanter prices, please see the Lindsay System Chanter page.

Full Set

With four drones, and piston stops, in black/"ivory" plastic / brass -£ under review

Traditional Set

With three drones, in black/"ivory" plastic / brass - £ under review

With three drones, in plain black plastic / brass - £ under review

Light Set

With two drones, in plain black plastic / brass - £ under review

Sound Samples to illustrate some of the tuning options and configurations :