The Lindsay System Chanter


The Lindsay System Chanter is a new design of Scottish Smallpipe chanter (melody pipe).

The main features of the design are ;

- Ability to access a second register (High B, High C#, High D, and beyond)

- Access to additional notes below the scale, by use of a "back-bore" (Low F#, Low E, Low D)

- Access to semitones within the range (Bb, C, Eb, F, G#, High Bb)

- No requirement for keywork

- No effective alteration made to the basic "A Chanter" scale, so no new technique needs to be learnt in order to play your existing repertoire.

If you're a piper, and particularly if you understand something of the principles of acoustics as they apply to a Smallpipes chanter, this will all sound 'to good to be true', in which case I recommend you to watch the video provided here for a demonstration of the chanter and its capabilities.

The chanter has been in development for several years, and the research that gave rise to this design has been ongoing for more than a decade at time of writing. The process of finalising the design went into 'top gear' last year following the success of the "Dreaming Pipes" project on Kickstarter.

In the meantime, you can put yourself on the waiting list for a Lindsay System Chanter here. Delivery of the first round of orders is expected to begin in September 2015.

Here are some videos demonstrating tunes being played on the chanter. These were produced very shortly after completion of the design - more videos will be produced shortly, showing the development in the techniques relating to the new notes, that have taken place in the ensuing months ;