Bellows Blown 50% Deposit, less chanter

  • £405.00

For the recommended four drone set, 3D printed & hand finished :
- Four drones tuned A2, D3, a3, d4 and fully brass lined throughout
- An extended range Lindsay System V3 chanter, fitted with a reed by Fin Moore
- Eezedrone reeds in drones
- Canmore hybrid bag (leather lined with gore tex)
- Velvet bag cover with trim in choice of colours, by Debbie Covers
- Drone stoppers with handmade silk stopper cords, coloured to match the set
- Stained & oiled plywood/leather bellows
- Spacious foam lined aluminium case :
Less the cost of chanter, chanter reed, chanter split stock section, and chanter postage cost :
A 50% deposit of £405 is payable on placing the order, with the remainder due once the set is ready.
Postage is separate & can be agreed using the courier of your choice, once the pipes are ready to send.
A note about the construction of the pipes. As you'll no doubt know, I'm committed to (and fascinated by) exploring the use of 3D printing to construct musical instruments. In the case of these pipes, for Version 3 I've moved to using a new light, strong and very slightly porous material, which I have found provides good wood-like acoustic properties. At present, this material is only available in white, however being slightly porous (similar to hardwood) it can be coloured & hand finished to provide a protective skin that has a wood-like lustre, and is resistant to wear, knocks & scratches.