The 'Paper' Qwistle v2.1


The 'Paper' Qwistle version 2.1 is a super lightweight, 3D printed "D" pennywhistle.

It provides a fairly low-budget starting point for anyone who'd like to explore the emerging world of 3D printed musical instruments, while providing for whistle players a sweet-sounding, low volume practice whistle for the house.

3D printing is still a relatively costly production method, although widespread adoption of the technology may change this in the future, and could foreseeably bring the cost of an item like this down still further.

Please note : Lindstruments is currently based on Ascension Island, South Atlantic, reopening in Glasgow September 2021. "Paper" Qwistles made during the Ascension period will include an "Ascension" makers mark.

The wait time for a "Paper" Qwistle is currently estimated at six months from time of ordering.

Developed to make the most of the capabilities of the most accessible industrial 3D printers, the 'Paper' Qwistle is so named, due to its 0.7mm wall thickness, grainy, paper-like surface texture, and white colour. In actual fact, it is constructed from powdered plastic, and is deceptively robust in ordinary use.

Pitched in the key of D, it is somewhat quieter than the wider bore, thicker walled High D Qwistle. Well tuned throughout, its range extends effortlessly to E in the third register. Like the Qwistle, it moves easily between octaves, and both high and low registers are smooth & sweet.

It's not a whistle for session playing or gigs, but more for enjoying at home where the smooth tone and balanced tuning should go down very well with neighbours, family members and pets!

As a 3D printed object, it is highly functional, and surprisingly cheap.

If required, a budget 'Kist' can be produced to house your 'Paper' Qwistle. This can be laser-cut from corrugated card, or lightweight ply if preferred. Prices on application at present, but the mini-kist won't be expensive, and will be listed separately on the site in due course.

Please allow one month from ordering to dispatch at present (updated Feb 2018).