Bellows for Scottish Smallpipes


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The bellows are the engine of a set of Smallpipes, and it is important that a good set of bellows provides plenty of air, and is comfortable to use with a smooth and steady action.

Lindstruments bellows are based around a "gusset clamp" design, by which the leather edge is clamped firmly between the wood of the bellows cheek and a specially formed brass "gusset clamp", and compressed by 25 solid brass interscrews. Combined with a hand laminated two-ply leather gusset with a hand stitched seam, this clamped design provides a bellows that is highly airtight, and very robust. The leather gusset gives a draw of eleven inches at full extent, providing enough wind to drive any set of bellows pipes with ease and comfort.

The brass bolts provide a very attractive feature, and can be provided with single slotted heads (pictured) on both ends, or with blind unslotted heads on the front faces if preferred. 

The bellows hinge is constructed from thick leather, clamped separately in a similar fashion to the gusset, giving an action that is firm but flexible.

Lindstruments' bellows cheeks can be cut from any suitable hardwood. The cheeks are etched as standard with one of Lindstruments' own designs. There are a range of designs available, please enquire for options, or to discuss custom engraving (an additional quote will need to be provided if the customer's own design is to be etched).

September 2018 : Lindstruments bellows are currently mothballed, as Donald is getting back into playing music live and making recordings and wants to save time for that! If you're interested in a set of these unique bellows, he's happy to discuss the possibility however. Please contact to discuss the options and request a place on the waiting list should bellows become available.