Qwistle 'Kist' carry case


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Designed in-house and specifically built around the Qwistle, the 'Kist' provides a unique, robust and stylish carry case.

Prices quoted are for a Kist to suit a single Qwistle in the key of D. Kists can easily be produced to fit any size and key of Qwistle. Please enquire for prices for other keys & sizes.

Each Kist is supplied along with parts for a display stand for the Qwistle, and 'Q' keyring fob.

The Kist case is laser cut by PodBox in Glasgow from our original template, and assembled by hand at the Lindstruments workshop. Case clips are 3D printed.

Kists can be made from any suitable material - the current standard options are laser-plywood, or "live edge" acrylic plastic in a range of colours. Cases can just as easily be cut in clear, glass-effect, mirror-finish or opaque acrylic, or indeed in other materials too. Please feel free to enquire about your specific requirements.

Please allow one month for delivery at present (updated October 2017).