Low D Qwistle : Reviews

"I just took delivery of my new pro low d and boy is it ever a cannon. Reallllllly great honkin' bottom end, which is what I was attracted to it from the testimonials. I will recommend this instrument unreservedly to any and all. I couldn't put it down until food was offered as an enducement. I have owned and played a bunch of other quite well regarded whistles and consider this Lindstruments purchase to be a real great find. Well done!!" - John Atkinson, Canada

"Just to say its bloody amazing... It won't replace my MK D, but join it.  It has become something missing in my sonic repertoire I did not even know it was missing.  It takes a but more push to jump octaves than I am used to, but hey it also lets me push more which opens up the expression potential.  What I really like is that for a whistle that is really strong in the bottom end (everyone is raving about the low D) the 2nd octave high notes sound lovely... they take push, but don't sound pushed... Given the volume, timbre, and resonance, are you considering other keys?" - Danny Cragg, Scotland

"These are Scottish fighting whistles! They take no prisoners. Back pressure amazing. Not for the fainthearted whatsoever... The bottom D is almost as hard as a flute low D. You can explore the note, without holding back - amazing." - David Ledsam, co-author of "The Low Whistle Book" (Soar Valley Music)

"It's great. Lovely tone, doesn't take a lot of breath. Starts at pitch and stays at pitch." - Lorne MacDougall (lornemacdougall.com) How to Train Your Dragon, Brave, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Tannahill Weavers

"Wow, what a boom! Great tone, great stability and great response! It sounds and behaves fantastically. I love the dynamic range it enables and the bottom D. Seriously one of the best I ever tried. The D rivals a flute. Mission accomplished I would attest." - Geza Frank, Event Horizon (eventhorizonproject.com

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