Low D Qwistle


Sold Out

Quhissil(l, n. Also: quhis(s)yll... qwistle (c1400)...
1. A whistle, flute or pipe. 


Please note : although listed as "Sold Out" above, the Low D Qwistle is currently exclusively available from Just Flutes of London, while stocks last. You can purchase the Qwistle on Just Flutes online shop, by clicking on the link below ;


The Low D Qwistle is a highly rated strong & warm sounding low whistle, pitched in the key of "D", and designed by Scottish musician & instrument innovator Donald WG Lindsay (donaldwglindsay.com).

"...boy is it ever a cannon. Reallllllly great honkin' bottom end..." - John Atkinson, Canada

"Just to say its bloody amazing..." - Danny Cragg, Scotland

"These are Scottish fighting whistles!.." - David Ledsam

"It's great. Lovely tone..." - Lorne MacDougall

"Wow, what a boom!.." - Geza Frank

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