Lindsay System Chanter v3.5


AS featured on STV's "Live at Five", 24th January 2018. The Lindsay System Chanter is a new design of keyless, extended range Scottish Smallpipe chanter.

Manufacturing begins immediately on receipt of your order. Time from placement of order to dispatch of your chanter is currently two months (updated December 10th 2018).

Choosing your chanter :

Chanters are supplied as standard with their own specially designed split stock piece. As of Version 3.2, this piece is required in order to ensure the best performance of the chanter in your pipes. Make your selection as follows :

"Split" : Select this option if your pipes already have a split chanter stock (a stock that keeps the reed covered when the chanter is removed from the pipes). Your new Lindsay System chanter will come with its own split stock, customised to fit your existing system.

"Complete Split" : Select this option if your pipes do not have a split chanter stock. Your new Lindsay System chanter will come with a split stock cap on the chanter, a new bag stock to be tied into your bag (this will be sized to match your bag neck), and a split stock piece to fit your existing chanter allowing you to easily exchange your chanters while keeping the reeds protected.

About the Lindsay System Chanter :

The Lindsay System Chanter is an "A" Scottish Smallpipes chanter, with range extended both downwards to low "D", and upwards to high "D", while preserving the traditional fingering system within the range low G to high A. The chanter uses no keywork of any kind, and represents a very playable and useful development in piping.

For more information about the chanter and its capabilities, including video and audio, please click here or select "Chanter Information" from the menu.

Lindstruments has become well known within the Scottish piping and traditional music community, and beyond, for our use of new and innovative materials and manufacturing processes. We'd encourage anyone interested, to read more about this aspect of our work here.

A weekly live workshop now takes place via facebook, covering technique and repertoire for this chanter, and including the opportunity for a live Q & A ; if you'd like to take part, send a join request to the facebook group "Lindsay System Chanter" to view and participate in these workshops.