Welcome to Lindstruments

Lindstruments.com has been established as an online space for the sharing of information regarding the work of Scottish musician and instrument innovator Donald WG Lindsay. The aim of Lindstruments is to support further research and development work, and related projects including recordings, video and more.

Here you can learn about, and if you wish you can purchase, the Qwistle, the Lindsay System Chanter, certain of the "Dreaming Pipes" STL Instrument kits (useful for those who have access to a 3D printer), and more. The instruments displayed here are being produced using a range of innovative production methods, including 3D printing. All instruments are carefully hand finished, set up, and tuned by Donald Lindsay at the Lindstruments workshop in Glasgow, Scotland.

Some of the designs on display here are open-source, and if you're a craftsperson interested in constructing these instruments then please get in touch via this website to discuss. Over time, more instruments will be added to the site as projects currently in development come to fruition. It is hoped that collaborations with independent craftspeople both locally, and further afield, will lead in time to some of these designs becoming available in a hand made form - for example being constructed in local or tropical hardwoods, or from brass, silver or other suitable materials. If you are a pipe maker, or otherwise skilled woodturner, or a manufacturer in metal or plastic, and would be interested in becoming involved in this, please feel free to get in touch via this site.

Please make use of the links below the page title, to navigate this site, or click on the pictures to find out more about the items displayed there.