About Us

Lindstruments is the musical instrument workshop of Donald WG Lindsay.

Donald began inventing through a desire to realise designs that would simply have demanded too much of a pipe maker's time to research. Smallpipe makers are craftsmen, often working alone, and research & development represents a very costly and risky activity - pipe makers often do develop new ideas, but require to be convinced of the project in question before they can take the risk.

The Lindsay System Chanter's design is somewhat 'outside the box', so therefore quite difficult to demonstrate without a working model. The production of the first partly working prototype was enabled by the arrival of affordable desktop 3D printing. A successful campaign on Kickstarter later provided the funds for two 3D printers, an Orion from SeeMeCNC, and an Ultimaker 2, following which the design of the chanter very quickly progressed. At all stages, with a view to encouraging pipe makers to experiment with the now proven design, the parameters of the design have been controlled in an effort to keep it in a form that might be practical to produce in hardwoods.

Following the success of the Lindsay System Chanter project "Dreaming Pipes", a range of other, in some cases even more innovative, ideas and concepts are now under development. Some may soon feature on this website.