Low D Qwistle


Quhissil(l, n. Also: quhis(s)yll... qwistle (c1400)...
1. A whistle, flute or pipe. 

Low D Qwistles are manufactured to order. Please allow one month from the date of purchase for delivery of your whistle.

The Low D Qwistle is a strong & warm sounding low whistle, pitched in the key of "D", and designed by Scottish musician & instrument innovator Donald WG Lindsay (donaldwglindsay.com).

The unique internal "horn" geometry of the head, which provides the Qwistle with many of its characteristics, is influenced by Donald's work on the Crathes Quhissill project.

The Low D Qwistle's simple construction also makes it one of the most lightweight low D's around, weighing in at only 80g (<2oz) for plastic & 145g (5oz) for aluminium. 

Praise for the Low D Qwistle :

"These are Scottish fighting whistles! They take no prisoners. Back pressure amazing. Not for the fainthearted whatsoever... The bottom D is almost as hard as a flute low D. You can explore the note, without holding back - amazing." - David Ledsam, co-author of "The Low Whistle Book" (Soar Valley Music)

"It's great. Lovely tone, doesn't take a lot of breath. Starts at pitch and stays at pitch." - Lorne MacDougall (lornemacdougall.com) How to Train Your Dragon, Brave, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Tannahill Weavers

"Wow, what a boom! Great tone, great stability and great response! It sounds and behaves fantastically. I love the dynamic range it enables and the bottom D. Seriously one of the best I ever tried. The D rivals a flute. Mission accomplished I would attest." - Geza Frank, Event Horizon (eventhorizonproject.com

New for May 2018 - mouthpiece now available as "Standard" or "Pro (Strong)". The difference is in the back pressure ;

The "Standard" is a comparatively strong low whistle, with solid low notes, and a "thick" tone with strong fundamental and good volume balance between octaves. Air efficiency has been improved for May 2018, and compares well with other professional standard low D's.

The "Pro" mouthpiece will take a little more "push", particularly in the second register, and has a little more of everything listed above (ie. everything that characterises the Qwistle), including a bottom D you can basically bounce off the wall.

You can see & hear the Low D Qwistle in the video below. The first in the "Lindstruments Sessions" series, it was recorded at The College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland, on the 1st October 2017. The video features Donald WG Lindsay & Friends, including saxophonist Konrad Wiszniewski, clarsair Rachel Hair, and fiddler Roo Geddes.

To listen to the Low D Qwistle being played in duets with fiddle/piano, click on any of the sound samples below. All of these samples were recorded live in session with fiddler/pianist Roo Geddes at The Audio Lounge studio in Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday the 19th October 2017.

To listen to the Low D Qwistle being played solo, click on any of the sound samples below. All of these samples were recorded live in session at The Audio Lounge studio in Glasgow, Scotland, on Monday the 9th October 2017.

The Low D Qwistle is tuneable within a range of +/- 12 cents, and combines a strong, assertive sound with good intonation, and warmth of tone.

Made in the UK, the Low D Qwistle is manufactured to a high degree of precision, using a combination of cutting edge 3D printing and traditional machining skills. 

All Qwistles are personally finished, adjusted, tuned and tested by Donald WG Lindsay at the Lindstruments workshop in Glasgow.

The 'Pockie' soft case, designed especially for the Qwistle, is also available here.