Low D Qwistle Spare Head


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A spare head for the Low D Qwistle.

Available for both plastic and aluminium versions of the Low D Qwistle.

Please note, the head for the aluminium version of the Qwistle contains two captive o-rings, within dovetail grooves. These o-rings are intended to self-lubricate, and a small amount of lubricant is contained within the head for this purpose. Occasionally, and particularly in the case of a new head, a small amount of excess lubricant may gather on the inside or outside of the tube. This should simply be cleaned away with a cloth.

The head for the plastic version has a simpler design, and may require a turn or two of PTFE tape around the top of the body in order to secure the head. This seal may occasionally need to be renewed.

Low D Qwistle heads are manufactured to order. Please allow one month from the date of purchase for delivery of your whistle head.