Qwistle - a quality whistle, designed with care, and 3D printed with precision


The Qwistle version 1.0 is a penny whistle with a sweet, focused tone, moderate volume, clear but sweet bottom hand, easy octave crossing, sweet high notes and a well-tempered scale throughout. Having been developed specifically as a 3D printed musical instrument (see "About), the Qwistle is produced using Selective Laser Sintering, and is then hand finished and dyed at Lindstruments' workshop in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Qwistle is currently offered in four keys ; C, D, Eb and E.

Choice of any of the following colours, plus white ring-mounts between parts :

Additional colours are £5 each, up to a maximum of four colours plus white, or five colours in total. You'll receive an email following payment, which will allow you to specify which colour or colours you'd prefer. Due to the processes used, colours may vary slightly from those pictured.

The unique 'Kist' carry case, designed especially for the Qwistle, is also available here.

Here is a video of the Qwistle being played ;

Other keys are available on request, via the contact form of this site. Keys so far developed include two very sweet whistles in F and G, which require small hands to play easily. A large "wide bore" Qwistle in Bb or A is also available, with a strong "flute-like" tone reminiscent of "low" whistles.

Designed in modular form, the Qwistle lends itself to customisation. Versions have already been produced to provide alternative scales and fingering layouts, allowing an instrument to be designed for a specific player, or even piece of music (as has already happened). Variants so far include a tabor-pipe, and future possibilities include a "Piper's" Qwistle, using the scale layout familiar to players of Scottish bagpipes. A "chromatic" Qwistle, the "version 2.0" is currently also under development. Please enquire via this site if you are interested in any of these possibilities, or to discuss an idea of your own that you'd like to realise.

The Qwistle was originally created to be printed at home, using home-built or affordable bought "FFF" 3D printers derived from the RepRap. The original home-printing file set is also available on this site, and despite some minor necessary differences, should be capable of producing a whistle of comparable quality to those offered for sale here.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery at present (updated July 2015).

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