Qwistle v2.0


Quhissil(l, n. Also: quhis(s)yll... qwistle (c1400)...
1. A whistle, flute or pipe.
- from "A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue"

Please note : Lindstruments is currently based on Ascension Island, South Atlantic, reopening in Glasgow September 2021. Qwistles made during the Ascension period will include an "Ascension" mark, alongside the usual embossed information.

The wait time for a Qwistle, in any key, is currently estimated at six months from time of ordering.

The Qwistle Version 2.0 is a professional standard soprano penny whistle with a sweet, focused tone, moderate volume, clear but sweet bottom hand, easy octave crossing, clear high notes and a well-tempered scale throughout.

The Qwistle is currently offered in seven keys ; Bb, B, C, C#, D, Eb and E.

As of September 2018, with the arrival of Version 2.0, the Qwistle is offered in a black or red finish as standard.

The unique 'Kist' carry case, designed especially for the Qwistle, is also available here.